Julian Roncal

I was born at 1985 in Valencia, Spain. My first memories about my fascination about photography are when my uncle Rafael showed us the family records in slide format. To watch in a white wall those past moments and taking them into the present again was like magic.

Some years after, a great mate of me called Willy, just gave me his Nikon D70 in order to try my skills and I felt instantly that the camera could be an extension of my brain.

After I finished my college, I started my studies of audiovisual, radio and events production. I focused specially at the image subjects. It was there were I developed a more cinematographic point of view and be able to modify the camera options in order to capture what I really have in my head at these precise moments.

Actually I live in Berlin and I offer my services to artists to cover their performances, events, concerts. Also I work actually as photo-reporter for Posi+tive Magazine and as part of the audiovisual team of Stereofox, where I cover different events around Berlin. And last but not least, I love the travel photography, the places photography and I have in mind some projects in order to gather other unknown cultures with the world where we live in.

On the other hand, I also love to film. I was under some projects of short films and documentaries. There is always something inside my head to be made.

Well, I just invite you to enjoy my site and I´m open to constructive opinions and also like always, willing to learn more and more.

My bests,